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On the old continent, food culture and pleasure have been considered a match made in heaven for thousands of years.
To speak more specifically, it is the regions surrounding the Mediterranean, who can boast of having fostered rich culinary cultures, that developed elaborate techniques to harvest and process high-quality foodstuffs.
As a result of trade links with one another, but also through conflict, countries on the Mediterranean Sea and in the East exchanged and reinvented recipes.


Hops, herbs, fruit and vegetables are still grown in these ancient cultivation areas, and processed into olive oil, wine and other culinary delights.

Many products, such as wild fennel and wild asparagus, are harvested directly from the gardens surrounding the homes of local people. While this was done out of necessity in the past, this method is what makes such produce truly authentic today. Natural products are made into true delicacies in accordance with traditional techniques.

This means that it is almost exclusively small producers, and mainly small family companies, who have preserved these recipes, traditions and this expertise, and proudly present us with the fruits of their labour. They do so in direct opposition to the hegemony of larger food corporations.


INPETTO wishes to give these high-quality products a face by reflecting the love and dedication that our producers put into their food.

INPETTO wants to ensure that{MQ}the gourmet pleasures of yesteryear are enjoyed by future generations.