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This special espresso blend is roasted for us near Lake Garda. A typical North Italian, medium brown roasting process using coffee beans from the best cultivation areas is employed to produce it. The blend, consisting of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta beans, guarantees a fabulous, medium brown, and robust crema. Its characteristic flavour features notes of chocolate and nut.

This caffè is perfect for espressos, as well as all white coffee beverages that can be made using an espresso machine. You can also enjoy a superb gourmet experience if you put the beans in a bean-to-cup coffee machine.

The blend is composed of 5 different Arabica varieties, including types from Colombia, Costa Rica, Sidamo in Ethiopia, and two Robusta varieties. The only Robusta varieties we use are Indian Parchment and coffee beans from Java. And of course, each variety is processed separately, as each bean has its own roast curve.

30300 INPETTO Caffè blue, beans, 1000g
30301 INPETTO Caffè Crema bianco, beans, 1000g
30310 INPETTO Caffè blue, beans, tin, 250g
30315 INPETTO Caffè blue, ground for a moka pot or French press, tin, 250g

Detailed Description

INPETTO Caffé blue

beans, 1000g

INPETTO Caffé blue

beans/ground, 250g tin

INPETTO Caffé Crema

beans, 1000g for Espresso machines