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The INPETTO espresso machine is equipped with 2 circulation systems and is therefore perfect for making coffee and foaming milk at the same time.
This happens with the help of the 2 litre copper water heater in a so-called heat exchange system.
All tubes and tube connections are made from copper and brass.
Water is conducted from the 3 litre fresh water tank.
If this tank is empty, the machine will automatically switch off.
The powerful steam pressure level guarantees consistently thick milk foam.
The machine’s pre-warming function can also warm up cups in two phases.
The brewing unit is built based on the Faema E 61 design and is made from 4.5 kg of pure brass.
It is a thermocirculator brewing unit.
This means, that this brewing unit is always kept at an operating temperature of approximately 95 degrees.
This ensures a sensationally good espresso.
Of course, the prerequisite for a great cup of coffee is an outstanding caffè espresso blend, ground using the right grinder.
The housing is made from top quality stainless steel.
The components used are also put in professional espresso machines made by the company BFC-Vittoria Veneto.
All this guarantees a long service life, as long as the user lovingly handles and maintains the machine, and regularly descales it.

90900 INPETTO Macchina – Espresso machine with E 61 Brewing unit, 2 circulation systems
90901 INPETTO Macchinino – 66/5000
Coffee grinder with glass grinder and retro bean container made of glass
90902 INPETTO Stainless steel trester box with a solid wooden tee

Detailed Description

Macchina e Macchinino
Professional manometer

Professional E 61 brew group

Macchina e Macchinino
Espresso grinder

Finely adjustable grinder. Glass container, contact button to ground beans for a fresh cup of coffee. Stainless steel housing.

Macchina e Macchinino