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50741 Mostarda di Fichi, 145ml fig mustard
50744 Mostarda di Buongustai, 145ml balsamic mustard
50745 Mostarda di Cassis e Jalapeno, 145ml cassis mustard

Detailed Description

di Fichi

This mustard is perfect for anyone who doesn’t just love the heat of mustard, but is also interested in a hint of fruitiness. Bavarians love it with veal sausages, but it also tastes delicious with any type of hard cheese.

di Buongustai

An appetizing coarse-grained mustard.
The mustard seed is pickled for 8 – 10 months in Chardonnay until the grains are soft and saturated.
Each spoonful is a true explosion of flavours. This mustard goes best with grilled beef, as well as cheese.

di Cassis e Jalapeno

Cassis and jalapeno are truly unique flavours. The sweetness of cassis berries perfectly complements the spiciness of jalapenos. This sauce is actually rather mild. Despite being a little spicy, it is still highly appetizing. This mustard goes perfectly with grilled chicken.